best satta trick in hindi

निचे दिया हुआ, एक साफ़-साफ़ satta trick in hindi.

This article is on Satta Matka Game, which you can also play on your mobile too on this website.


People always ask us for the best satta matka trick in hindi and today we will share it with you all. This satta matka game online strategy is perfect for any game that has same pattern like ganesh chaturthi, super chennai or rang lal ka paigam etc. [The] key [to this] strategy is you have to play from the morning 9 AM and close your bet at 12 NN.

In order to get started with satta matka game online, follow these steps:

1. Open a new internet browser on your mobile or pc and go to . Select the language as HINDI if it shows english by default. Some websites will be in other languages so just click on that language and switch to hindi before going ahead with it.

2. Once you open sattamatka website, select any pool which has the costliest minimum total wager (highest se gandgi). In our case its 60 x 60.

3. Now you can see the wheel and wheel number, just select any wheel. In our case we selected wheel 2 by clicking on it.

4. Now just type in your satta matka online bet amount and click submit buton. You will now see a popup like below image:

5 . This is important step as this will tell whether you win or lose the game .  Type “ACTUAL” without quotes and click submit button. If those two letter come together ( ACTUAL ) its means you have won the game and if you don’t then close that window and go ahead with another wheel/wheel number until those two letters appear together ( ACTUAL ).

6. After winning, go to home page of sattamatka website and see the details on screen. There you will find your winning amount along with date of win, total bets made by you etc.

Now this is how satta matka game online winning strategy works in hindi. You have to follow some important steps which are mentioned above so keep reading carefully otherwise you will lose for sure .


अब हम आपको इस app का download link share करेंगे :-  Satta Matka Game (Android) . Download Link (iOS) & Playstore

इस app को install करें और play करे . It works just to get the satta trick in hindi.

Now you have one best satta matka game online strategy for any pool, wheel or wheel number.

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Some tips and tricks on satta in hindi:-

1. Make sure to download the app from trusted site only because some sites will ask you virus file to download that app. 2. When you download any app from google playstore depending on the app, it requires some permission to access your phone internet etc so if you will receive a message like below image then make sure to allow those permissions before going ahead with the installation of that app.

Note: This satta matka game online strategy is for educational purpose only and we do not promote gambling in real life because its illegal in many countries, don’t try it at home . Its just a fake trick or simulation which is meant to be played on sattamatka website only .

We are not responsible for anything that happens with our readers using this satta matka game online strategy as every human being has their own way of thinking and by following this strategy you might end up losing your money . This is only a simulation and not real.

We are here to help our online visitors and we will try our best to solve your queries but if this satta matka game online strategy doesn’t work for you then we request you to ask us in the comments section or send us an email with your problem related to sattamatka or any other gambling site so that we can find the solution for you..

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